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Private bookings.

If you are looking to host your own floral workshop or even short course you are in the right place. 

I can host workshops for private celebrations, birthdays, hen parties or perhaps you are looking for a team building exercise for work! 

Maybe you are looking for an alternative to the traditional Christmas party. Why not book a group on a wreath making course, we can also supply food from our onsite cafe.

I can hold the workshops at Highgate Flower Field or I can travel to you. (travel costs apply)

Get a quote using the below form. 

You won't be just learning a new skill.

Flower arranging also know as floral therapy, has been recognized for its positive impact on mental health. 

Engaging in this creative activity has been found to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. The process of selecting, arranging and working with flowers provides a sense of mindfulness and focus, allowing individuals to temporarily escape from their worries and immerse themselves in the present moment. 

The vibrant colours and pleasant fragrances of flowers can also uplift the mood and bring a sense of joy and tranquillity. 

Flower arranging promotes self- expression and creativity, boosting self esteem and providing a sense of accomplishment. 

This is why flower arranging workshops have soared in popularity among businesses seeking to provide their employees with a rejuvenating team- building experience, emphasizing their well being. 

Florist Making Fresh Flowers Bouquet Arrangement.jpg

Get a Quote

Fill in a brief description of what workshop you are interested in, a date and number of people. 

Don't worry if you are not sure what workshop, I can advice you on the bets fit for your requirements. 

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