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Who we are...

Updated: May 8, 2019

Hello and welcome to our first blog!

This first blog is just to tell you a little about our background and who we are :-)

Kerrie with deliveries

Where did it all start?

David started from the shop in the village of Rotherfield that was brought by his grand parents years previously.

He started with a fruit and veg shop also selling bunches of flowers, many of which he grew on his first nursery that he rented just down the road from the shop.

Kerrie started working in the shop when she was 15 at the weekends. After finishing school she decided to go and train as a florist professionally and spent 2 years at Plumpton College and has never looked back.

David is now 67 years young and does all the growing and looking after of the nursery himself, that's 9 acres! As well as the nursery he also does a few gardening jobs 2 days a week for other people.

He brought his own field when Kerrie was a toddler and started work transforming the space into a growing area for his flowers and veg. It has always been his dream to have a market garden running from the field where he can sell all his own produce, flowers and have a cafe. Somewhere people can come to relax and enjoy the flowers and learn how to grow themselves.

Fast forward 25 years and they are finally ready to open in July of this year!

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